Glossary for statutory rules

Find out more about the specialist words and phrases used in relation to statutory rules.

Glossary for statutory rules

  • An authorised version of a statutory rule is a version that the Chief Parliamentary Counsel has authorised to be admissible as evidence in court. The version is admissible in both its printed and electronic form. Find out more about authorised versions.

  • Each version of a statutory rule has an effective date. This is the date on which that version of the statutory rule was published. The version will incorporate all amendments that had been made to the statutory rule by that date.

  • A notice about a version of a statutory rule is a document or note containing information about that version or that statutory rule. For example, a notice may include editorial corrections that need to be made to that version, or it may note that the statutory rule has been revoked.

  • Statutory rules are numbered in chronological order for each year. For example, S.R. 10/2018 is the tenth statutory rule made in 2018.

  • A version of a statutory rule that is not labelled as an authorised version is not admissible as evidence in court.

Reviewed 24 February 2020

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