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RowTitleAct Number
Aboriginal Heritage Act 200616
Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Act 201130
Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Act 2016 11
Aboriginal Lands Amendment Act 201333
Aboriginal Lands (Amendment) Act 200458
Abortion Law Reform Act 200858
Access to Medicinal Cannabis Act 2016 20
Accident Compensation Amendment Act 200734
Accident Compensation Amendment Act 20109
Accident Compensation Amendment (Repayments and Dividends) Act 201218
Accident Compensation and Other Legislation (Amendment) Act 200641
Accident Compensation and Transport Accident Acts (Amendment) 200395
Accident Compensation and Transport Accident Acts (Ombudsman) Act 200546
Accident Compensation Legislation (Amendment) Act 2004102
Accident Compensation (Amendment) Act 19967
Accident Compensation (Amendment) Act 199881
Accident Compensation (Amendment) Act 200182
Accident Compensation (Amendment) Act 200528
Accident Compensation (Common Law and Benefits) Act 200026
Accident Compensation (Further Amendment) Act 199660
Accident Compensation (Miscellaneous Amendment) Act 1997107
Accident Compensation (Occupational Health and Safety) Act 199613
Accident Towing Services Act 200730
Accident Towing Services Amendment Act 201140
Administration and Probate and Other Acts Amendment (Succession and Related Matters) Act 201741
Administration and Probate (Dust Diseases) Act 200015
Adoption Amendment Act 201325
Adoption Amendment Act 2015 32
Adoption Amendment (Adoption by Same-Sex Couples) Act 2015 68
Adoption (Amendment) Act 200032
Advancing the Treaty Process with Aboriginal Victorians Act 2018 28
Aerodrome Landing Fees Act 200379
Agent-General and Commissioners for Victoria Act 200764
Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) (Amendment) Act 200033
Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) (Further Amendment) Act 200155
Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Victoria) (Amendment) Act 200139
Agricultural Industry Development (Amendment) Act 200076
Agricultural Industry Development (Further Amendment) Act 200242
Agriculture Acts (Amendment) Act 199826
Agriculture Legislation (Amendments and Repeals) Act 200244
Agriculture Legislation (Amendment) Act 200153
Albury-Wodonga Agreement (Repeal) Act 200362
Alpine Resorts and National Parks Acts Amendment Act 201317
Alpine Resorts Legislation Amendment Act 2016 62
Alpine Resorts (Management) Act 199789
Alpine Resorts (Management) (Amendment) Act 200424
Ambulance Services (Amendment) Act 199838
Ambulance Services (Amendment) Act 200451
Ambulance Services (Further Amendment) Act 199925
Anglican Trusts Corporations (Amendment) Act 200056
Anglican Welfare Agency Act 199723
Animals Legislation Amendment (Animal Care) Act 200765
Animals Legislation (Animals Welfare) Act 2003103
Animals Legislation (Responsible Ownership) Act 200183
ANZAC Day (Amendment) Act 200396
Appeal Costs Act 199887
Appeal Costs and Penalty Interest Rates Acts (Amendment) Act 200434
Appropriation (1996/97, No. 1) Act 199631
Appropriation (1997/98) Act 199732
Appropriation (1998/99) Act 199836
Appropriation (1999/2000) Act 199948
Appropriation (2000/2001) Act 200045
Appropriation (2001/2002) Act 200137
Appropriation (2002/2003) Act 200233
Appropriation (2003/2004) Act 200349
Appropriation (2004/2005) Act 200450
Appropriation (2005/2006) Act 200526
Appropriation (2006/2007) Act 200636
Appropriation (2007/2008) Act 200723
Appropriation (2008/2009) Act 200832
Appropriation (2009/2010) Act 200931
Appropriation (2010/2011) Act 201037
Appropriation (2011/2012) Act 201123
Appropriation (2012/2013) Act 201236
Appropriation (2013-2014) Act 201338
Appropriation (2014-2015) Act 2014 38
Appropriation (2015-2016) Act 2015 23
Appropriation (2016-2017) Act 2016 35
Appropriation (2017-2018) Act 2017 29
Appropriation (2018-2019) Act 201824
Appropriation (Interim 1996/97) Act 19965
Appropriation (Parliament 1996/97, No. 1) Act 199632
Appropriation (Parliament 1997/98) Act 199733
Appropriation (Parliament 1998/99) Act 199837
Appropriation (Parliament 1999/2000) Act 199949
Appropriation (Parliament 2000/2001) Act 200046
Appropriation (Parliament 2001/2002) Act 200138
Appropriation (Parliament 2002/2003) Act 200234
Appropriation (Parliament 2003/2004) Act 200350
Appropriation (Parliament 2004/2005) Act 200428
Appropriation (Parliament 2005/2006) Act 200527
Appropriation (Parliament 2006/2007) Act 200637
Appropriation (Parliament 2007/2008) Act 200720
Appropriation (Parliament 2008/2009) Act 200833
Appropriation (Parliament 2009/2010) Act 200932
Appropriation (Parliament 2010/2011) Act 201038
Appropriation (Parliament 2011/2012) Act 201124
Appropriation (Parliament 2012/2013) Act 201237
Appropriation (Parliament 2013-2014) Act 201339
Appropriation (Parliament 2014-2015) Act 2014 39
Appropriation (Parliament 2015-2016) Act 2015 24
Appropriation (Parliament 2016-2017) Act 2016 36
Appropriation (Parliament 2017-2018) Act 2017 30
Appropriation (Parliament 2018-2019) Act 2018 23
Appropriation (Parliament) (Interim 1996/97) Act 19966
Architects (Amendment) Act 200435
Arts Acts (Amendment) Act 199859
Arts Acts (Statute Law Revision) Act 19985
Arts Institutions (Amendment) Act 199661
Arts Legislation (Amendment) Act 200034
Asbestos Diseases Compensation Act 200869
Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 200876
Assisted Reproductive Treatment Amendment Act 201318
Assisted Reproductive Treatment Amendment Act 2016 6
Assisted Reproductive Treatment Further Amendment Act 2014 58
Associations Incorporation Amendment Act 200912
Associations Incorporation Amendment Act 201046
Associations Incorporation Reform Act 201220
Associations Incorporation Reform Amendment (Electronic Transactions) Act 2015 33
Associations Incorporation (Amendment) Act 199757
Associations Incorporation (Amendment) Act 200057
Attorney-General and Solicitor-General (Amendment) Act 200351
Auction Sales (Repeal) Act 200184
Audit (Amendment) Act 199793
Audit (Amendment) Act 199953
Audit (Amendment) Act 200336
Australia Acts (Request) Act 199933
Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 201221
Australian Crime Commission (State Provisions) Act 200352
Back to Work Act 2015 3
Bail Amendment Act 201070
Bail Amendment Act 201344
Bail Amendment Act 2016 1
Bail Amendment (Stage One) Act 2017 26
Bail Amendment (Stage Two) Act 20183
Bail (Amendment) Act 199864
Ballarat Lands (Lakeside Development) Act 199614
Bank of South Australia and Advance Bank Act 199633
Barley Marketing (Amendment) Act 19991
Benefit Associations (Repeal) Act 200117
Biological Control (Amendment) Act 19961
Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 199643
Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration (Amendment) Act 200429
Board of Studies (Amendment) Act 19978
Borrowing and Investment Powers Amendment Act 201340
Building a Better Victoria (State Tax and Other Legislation Amendment) Act 201440
Building Amendment Act 200754
Building Amendment Act 200836
Building Amendment Act 201033
Building Amendment Act 20115
Building Amendment Act 20129
Building Amendment (Enforcement and Other Measures) Act 201721
Building Amendment (Plumbing) Act 200731
Building Amendment (Registration of Building Trades and Other Matters) Act 2018 46
Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 200215
Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment (Amendment) Act 200642
Building and Planning Legislation Amendment (Governance and Other Matters) Act 201334
Building Legislation Amendment (Consumer Protection) Act 2016 15
Building (Amendment) Act 199639
Building (Amendment) Act 199818
Building (Amendment) Act 200168
Building (Amendment) Act 200466
Building (Cooling Towers and Plumbing) (Amendment) Act 200496
Building (Further Amendment) Act 199734
Building (Legionella) Act 200085
Building (Plumbing) Act 199875
Building (Single Dwellings) Act 200130
Bus Safety Act 200913
Bushfires Royal Commission Implementation Monitor Act 20116
Bushfires Royal Commission (Report) Act 200918
Business Franchise Fees (Safety Net) Act 199794
Business Investigations (Repeal) Act 200156
Business Licensing Authority Act 199849
Business Licensing Legislation (Amendment) Act 20038
Business Names (Commonwealth Powers) Act 201179
Business Registration Acts (Amendment) Act 200035
Cancer Amendment (HPV) Act 200837
Carers Recognition Act 201210
Casino and Gambling Legislation Amendment Act 201473
Casino Control (Amendment) Act 200547
Casino Legislation Amendment Act 200984
Casino (Management Agreement) (Amendment) Act 199662
Casino (Management Agreement) (Amendment) Act 200222
Catchment and Land Protection Amendment Act 201351
Catchment and Land Protection (Amendment) Act 199839
Catchment and Land Protection (Amendment) Act 200361
Catchment and Land Protection (Further Amendment) Act 200667
Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Act 201758
Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 200380
Cemeteries and Crematoria Amendment Act 200961
Cemeteries and Crematoria Amendment (Veterans Reform) Act 2015 4
Charities (Amendment) Act 200511
Charities (Amendment) Act 200673
Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 200643
Chattel Securities (Amendment) Act 199888
Child Employment Act 200381
Child Employment Amendment Act 201026
Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 200583
Child Wellbeing and Safety Amendment (Child Safe Standards) Act 2015 63
Child Wellbeing and Safety Amendment (Oversight and Enforcement of Child Safe Standards) Act 2016 63
Children's Legislation Amendment Act 200822
Children's Services Act 199653
Children's Services Amendment Act 201180
Children's Services and Education Legislation Amendment (Anaphylaxis Management) Act 20083
Children and Justice Legislation Amendment (Youth Justice Reform) Act 201743
Children and Young Persons (Age Jurisdiction) Act 200472
Children and Young Persons (Appointment of President) Act 200036
Children and Young Persons (Koori Court) Act 200489
Children and Young Persons (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 199644
Children and Young Persons (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 200521
Children and Young Persons (Reciprocal Arrangements) Act 200058
Children Legislation Amendment Act 200946
Children Legislation Amendment Act 2016 8
Children Legislation Amendment (Information Sharing) Act 2018 11
Children Legislation Amendment (Reportable Conduct) Act 2017 4
Children, Youth and Families Act 200596
Children, Youth and Families Amendment Act 201352
Children, Youth and Families Amendment (Aboriginal Principal Officers) Act 2015 57
Children, Youth and Families Amendment (Permanent Care and Other Matters) Act 201461
Children, Youth and Families Amendment (Restrictions on the Making of Protection Orders) Act 2015 27
Children, Youth and Families Amendment (Security Measures) Act 201429
Children, Youth and Families Amendment (Security of Youth Justice Facilities) Act 201154
Children, Youth and Families (Consequential and Other Amendments) Act 200648
Chinese Medicine Registration Act 200018
Chiropractors Registration Act 199663
Cinemedia Corporation Act 19972
City of Greater Geelong Amendment Act 20121
City of Greater Geelong Amendment Act 201724
City of Melbourne Act 20015
City of Melbourne Amendment Act 201174
City of Melbourne Amendment (Enrolment) Act 2012 31
City of Melbourne Amendment (Environmental Upgrade Agreements) Act 201211
City of Melbourne and Docklands Acts (Governance) Act 200674
City of Melbourne (Amendment) Act 200529
Civil Procedure Act 201047
Civil Procedure Amendment Act 201262
Civil Procedure and Legal Profession Amendment Act 2011 1
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) Amendment Act 20085
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) Amendment Act 200933
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) Amendment Act 201272
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) Amendment Act 2015 36
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) (Amendment) Act 199860
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) (Amendment) Act 200169
Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) (Amendment) Act 20056
Climate Change Act 201054
Climate Change Act 2017 5
Climate Change and Environment Protection Amendment Act 201278
Co-operative Schemes (Administrative Actions) Act 200141
Co-operatives Act 199684
Co-operatives and Private Security Acts Amendment Act 200813
Co-operatives National Law Application Act 20139
Commercial Arbitration Act 201150
Commercial Arbitration Act 201150
Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 35
Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Amendment (Further Reforms) Act 2017 63
Commission for Children and Young People Act 201279
Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability Act 200315
Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security Act 200584
Commonwealth Games Arrangements Act 200157
Commonwealth Games Arrangements (Amendment) Act 200316
Commonwealth Games Arrangements (Further Amendment) Act 200413
Commonwealth Games Arrangements (Governance) Act 200364
Commonwealth Games Arrangements (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 200537
Commonwealth Places (Mirror Taxes Administration) Act 199934
Commonwealth Powers (De Facto Relationships) Act 200484
Commonwealth Powers (Family Law-Children) (Amendment) Act 199759
Commonwealth Powers (Industrial Relations) Act 199659
Community Based Sentences (Transfer) Act 2012 59
Community Visitors Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 200151
Company Titles (Home Units) Act 201319
Compensation and Superannuation Legislation Amendment Act 200865
Compensation Legislation Amendment Act 2016 73
Compensation Legislation Amendment Act 20181
Confiscation Act 1997108
Confiscation Amendment Act 200742
Confiscation Amendment Act 201068
Confiscation and Other Matters Amendment Act 2016 27
Confiscation (Amendment) Act 200363
Congestion Levy Act 200574
Conservation, Forests and Lands (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 199876
Constitution Amendment (Judicial Pensions) Act 200823
Constitution and Parliamentary Committees (Amendment) Act 199713
Constitution (Amendment) Act 199795
Constitution (Appointments) Act 200970
Constitution (Governor's Salary) Act 20028
Constitution (Metropolitan Ambulance Service Royal Commission Report) Act 200140
Constitution (Parliamentary Reform) Act 20032
Constitution (Recognition of Aboriginal People) Act 200473
Constitution (Supreme Court) Act 200112
Constitution (Supreme Court) Act 200366
Constitution (Water Authorities) Act 200337
Construction Industry Long Service Leave Act 199753
Construction Industry Long Service Leave (Amendment) Act 200490
Consumer Acts Amendment Act 201136
Consumer Acts Amendment Act 2017 13
Consumer Acts and Other Acts Amendment Act 2016 23
Consumer Affairs Legislation Amendment Act 20101
Consumer Affairs Legislation Amendment Act 201357
Consumer Affairs Legislation Amendment Act 201450
Consumer Affairs Legislation Amendment (Reform) Act 201063
Consumer Credit (Finance Brokers) Act 199877
Consumer Credit (Victoria) and Other Acts Amendment Act 20086
Control of Genetically Modified Crops Act 20047
Control of Weapons Amendment Act 201042
Control of Weapons Amendment (Penalties) Act 20071
Control of Weapons and Firearms Acts Amendment Act 201212
Control of Weapons and Firearms Acts (Search Powers) Act 20039
Control of Weapons (Amendment) Act 200047
Conveyancers Act 200675
Coptic Orthodox Church (Victoria) Property Trust Act 200658
Coroners Act 200877
Coroners and Human Tissue Acts (Amendment) Act 200659
Coroners (Amendment) Act 19997
Corporations (Administrative Actions) Act 200142
Corporations (Ancillary Provisions) Act 200143
Corporations (Commonwealth Powers) Act 20016
Corporations (Consequential Amendments) Act 200144
Corporations (Financial Services Reform Amendments) Act 20029
Corporations (Victoria) (Amendment) Act 20007
Corrections Amendment Act 200850
Corrections Amendment Act 201310
Corrections Amendment (Breach of Parole) Act 201346
Corrections Amendment (Further Parole Reform) Act 201431
Corrections Amendment (Parole Reform) Act 201362
Corrections Amendment (Parole) Act 201418
Corrections Amendment (Parole) Act 201829
Corrections Amendment (Smoke-Free Prisons) Act 201445
Corrections and Major Crime (Investigative Powers) Acts (Amendment) Act 200497
Corrections and Other Justice Legislation (Amendment) Act 200649
Corrections and Sentencing Acts (Home Detention) Act 200353
Corrections Further Amendment Act 201326
Corrections Legislation Amendment Act 201412
Corrections Legislation Amendment Act 2015 41
Corrections Legislation Amendment Act 2016 57
Corrections Legislation Further Amendment Act 2017 64
Corrections Legislation Miscellaneous Amendment Act 2017 31
Corrections (Amendment) Act 199645
Corrections (Amendment) Act 200338
Corrections (Custody) Act 200145
Corrections (Further Amendment) Act 200414
Corrections (Transition Centres and Custodial Community Permits) Act 20052
Country Fire Authority Amendment (Volunteer Charter) Act 201110
Country Fire Authority (Amendment) Act 200077
Country Fire Authority (Volunteer Protection and Community Safety) Act 200317
County Court Amendment (Koori Court) Act 200851
Court Services Victoria Act 20141
Court Services Victoria and Other Acts Amendment Act 2015 25
Courts and Other Justice Legislation Amendment Act 201368
Courts and Sentencing Legislation Amendment Act 201226
Courts and Tribunals Legislation (Amendment) Act 20001
Courts and Tribunals Legislation (Further Amendment) Act 200051
Courts and Tribunals Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 200078
Courts and Tribunals (General Amendment) Act 199664
Courts Legislation Amendment (Associate Judges) Act 200824
Courts Legislation Amendment (Costs Court and Other Matters) Act 200878
Courts Legislation Amendment (Judicial Education and Other Matters) Act 200724
Courts Legislation Amendment (Judicial Officers) Act 201363
Courts Legislation Amendment (Judicial Resolution Conference) Act 200950
Courts Legislation Amendment (Juries and Other Matters) Act 200838
Courts Legislation Amendment (Reserve Judicial Officers) Act 20135
Courts Legislation Amendment (Sunset Provisions) Act 200951
Courts Legislation Miscellaneous Amendments Act 201034
Courts Legislation Miscellaneous Amendments Act 201462
Courts Legislation (Amendment) Act 200339
Courts Legislation (Funds in Court) Act 200430
Courts Legislation (Judicial Appointments and Other Amendments) Act 20053
Courts Legislation (Judicial Appointments) Act 200431
Courts Legislation (Judicial Conduct) Act 200516
Courts Legislation (Jurisdiction) Act 200650
Courts Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 200530
Courts Legislation (Neighbourhood Justice Centre) Act 200651
Creative Victoria Act 2017 14
Credit (Amendment) Act 199819
Credit (Commonwealth Powers) Act 201011
Crime Statistics Act 201454
Crimes Amendment (Abolition of Defensive Homicide) Act 201463
Crimes Amendment (Bullying) Act 201120
Crimes Amendment (Carjacking and Home Invasion) Act 2016 50
Crimes Amendment (Child Homicide) Act 20087
Crimes Amendment (Child Pornography and Other Matters) Act 2015 42
Crimes Amendment (DNA Database) Act 200732
Crimes Amendment (Grooming) Act 20147
Crimes Amendment (Gross Violence Offences) Act 20136
Crimes Amendment (Identity Crime) Act 200922
Crimes Amendment (Integrity in Sports) Act 201320
Crimes Amendment (Investigation Powers) Act 201372
Crimes Amendment (Protection of Children) Act 201436
Crimes Amendment (Rape) Act 200757
Crimes Amendment (Repeal of Section 19A) Act 2015 17
Crimes Amendment (Sexual Offences and Other Matters) Act 201474
Crimes Amendment (Sexual Offences) Act 2016 47
Crimes and Domestic Animals Acts Amendment (Offences and Penalties) Act 201155
Crimes at Sea Act 199956
Crimes Legislation Amendment Act 20107
Crimes Legislation Amendment Act 2016 28
Crimes Legislation Amendment (Food and Drink Spiking) Act 20091
Crimes Legislation Amendment (Protection of Emergency Workers and Others) Act 2017 65
Crimes Legislation Amendment (Public Order) Act 2017 32
Crimes Legislation Further Amendment Act 20176
Crimes (Amendment) Act 199781